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Next1 Esports

Next1 Esports, founded in mid-2018, is a German based Esports organization. Next1 is the short form for "next one who breaks the limit" and so we want to lead the next generation of gamers and reach the top of the Esports themselves.


As a relatively young organization, we are trying to build on our initial achievements in esport to support talented and motivated players in the future and to enter the esports community.

  • Joel Ngindu Founder/Chief Executive Officer Joel Ngindu
  • Bastian Schäberle Chief Operating Officer Bastian Schäberle
  • Marc Ungermann Chief Community Officer Marc Ungermann
  • Luke J. Community-Manager Luke J.
  • Kathrin H. Community-Manager Kathrin H.
  • Valentin W. Community-Manager Valentin W.